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Welsh Love Spoons.
Our wooden creations include:

Welsh Love Spoons

The carving of Welsh Love Spoons is an ancient tradition. The origin is that a man would carve a spoon to give to his beloved. Using traditional symbols, he would communicate to his fiance what was important to him in a marriage. I started carving Welsh Love Spoons as part of my daughter’s wedding. Like the crosses that I have designed and make, each spoon is a wonderful vehicle that celebrates how we are fed in God’s love. Some are original designs. Some use traditional symbols.

As I have worked with various designs, I have found that I have moved away from the traditional images used in Welsh Love Spoons. My interest has gravitated towards the inclusion of various Celtic Knots into the spoons. One of the things that has become distinctive and unique to my designs, is the insertion of a carved disk or a sculpted medallion into the knot work of the spoon.

The spoons are carved from white or yellow birch. They vary in size from 7½ inches  to 12 inches. The beauty of some designs lies in their simplicity while others are complex and challenging. These spoons are not intended for eating. They are decorative. Each spoon is finished with 2 hand-rubbed application of tung oil. They range in price from $30 to $95.

Please contact me directly if you wish to order one so that is can be made to your specifications. My phone number in New Hampshire is 603-357-2113. My e-mail address is

Heart Lines Love Spoon

The first heart line – the nourishment line- emerges and then returns of the bowl of the spoon so as to create the first heart. The second heart line is the ‘vision line’ – the vision of wholeness and relationship – descends into the body of the spoon creating the second heart. Together they form the image of a butterfly full of hope and the promise of new life.

Circle of Love Knot

The chain of interlocked hearts is the circle of friends and the ‘communion of saints’ that have surrounds a person with love. It is a complicated and challenging design requiring a great deal of perseverance and attention to detail – as does life. The chain has neither beginning or end. When friends and family encircle a person, the support and prayers becomes a network of energy that hopes for only the best.

A Celtic Weave (a traditional design)

Braided Love Spoon

This design uses two lines to create the Celtic Knot motif. The first line weaves itself into a heart as it begins and ends its creative journey at the mouth of the spoon’s bowl. The second line intertwines itself through the heart, emerging above the knot work so as to create the circle that holds the ‘circle of hands’ medallion. This spoon celebrates the interconnectedness of our relationships.

Cross and Heart Spoon (an original design)

Fed By Love (an original design)

40th Anniversary Spoon (a variation off a traditional design)

Interlocking Hearts Spoon (a traditional design)

Interlocking Rings with Star of David and Cross (an original design)

Heart and Ring Knot Spoon (an original design)

Life's Promise Spoon (original design)

Mariner's Knot Spoon

Tie The Knot Spoon (variation off traditional design)

Woven Hearts Spoon (variation off traditional design)