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Our Crosses

New! Host and Heart Cross   (regular size)

This cross was designed for First Communion celebrations for children. The images are very simple The oversized heart points to the ‘largeness’ of God’s love as experienced in the Sacrament. God’s love and the life of faith, as seen in the sacred heart, are at the center of Christ’s message to “love one another even as I have loved you.” A cross is carved into the representation of the Host.

Woods: Satine (heart), White Oak (cross), Holly (Host)

Regular size, $37.00

Photo of a host and heart cross. Photo of a host and heart cross.

New! Sunflower Cross   (regular size)

This hand-carved sunflower is a witness to deeper spiritual truths and practices: devotion, stewardship, service and the beauty of creation. The ten petals can be used as a counting tool to remember the Ten Commandments. The flower is set into myrtle, the Biblical wood of hope.

Woods: Smyrtle and pau amarello

Regular size, $37.00

Large size $50.00

Photo of sunflower cross.

New! Choir Cross   (regular size)

This cross celebrates the rich sound of the many voices that make a joyful noise to the Lord. By combining the Bass and G Clefs a heart is formed. The heart of the choir are the harmonies and the various ways parts work together to create beautiful music. These clefs are fit over the top of a cross and glued to a medallion to make the fragile piece solid. It is only fitting that the cross is made of Canary wood.

Woods: maple, walnut, canary

Regular size, $37.00

Large size $50.00

Photo of sunflower cross.

New! Triquetra With Heart Cross    (regular size)

The triquetra is a traditional ‘three loop’ Celtic Knot. In this design, the three ‘loop line’ is opened up into expand the line to include a heart. The knot is created with one line – the life line – making this an infinity knot with neither beginning or end. In the complexity of this knot, there is a simple truth: that relationships experienced along the path of life are a reflection of God’s infinite love.

Woods: myrtle, holly, pau amarello

Regular size, $37.00

Large size $50.00

Photo of triquetra cross.

New! Dragonfly Cross    (regular size)

The dragonfly is a symbol of self-actualization or realization, transformation, and freedom. In this ancient being, the Truth of the Resurrection is celebrated. This cross along with the children’s story entitled “Waterbugs and Dragonflies” by Doris Stickney can help children learn about the life and transcends death.

Woods: cherry, ebony (or wenge), lacewood

Regular size, $37.00

Large size $50.00

Photo of dragonfly cross.

Baptism Cross   (regular and large size)

The scallop shell is the traditional symbol for the Sacrament of Baptism, reflecting how it is that God’s grace and love are poured out upon our lives. It is a symbol used to mark the way on pilgrimages. It says that on the pilgrimage of life, God’s blessing is poured out upon life. This cross can have either a natural scallop shell or a hand-carved wooden shell. Both are set into the wooden cross.

Options: There are two options for the scallop shell. On a trip to Sanibel Island, Florida, I collected many beautiful scallop shells. One of these can be set into the center of the cross. The second option is a hand-carved wooden scallop shell made from Olive wood, curly maple, or Padauk (orange hue which darkens with age).

I can provide any number of types of wood for the cross, including Purple Heart, maple or African Mahogany

To personalize: Provide me a piece of wood that has particular meaning to you. I have used a tree branch from a family’s home, the arm of a chair from a broken rocking chair, or a leftover piece of lumber from a baby’s cradle. I need enough good wood (straight and free of blemishes, knots, or cracks) to mill a piece that is one inch square and 9 inches in length. Hardwood makes for the best results.

The celebration of this Sacrament is sacred time. It can be honored with a personalized Baptism Cross using the traditional symbol of the scallop shell and cross.

Regular size, natural shell, $26.00

Regular size, carved shell, $37.00

Large size, natural shell, $42.00

Photo of a baptism cross.

Baseball Cross

I have always associated various aspects of baseball with important aspects of spirituality: attentiveness, grace, etc. Does one dwell upon the 60% failure to get a hit or celebrate the .400 batting percentage? The woods used in this cross are Ash (wood of baseball bats), white lilac for home plate and holly for the ball.

Regular size, $37.00

Blessing cross. click for larger version.

Blessing Cross 

This cross is especially nice for celebrating the spirit of a special friendship. The cross is made from two pieces of wood -- the dove of one and the outstretched hands of the other. When sold as a pair, each person has a piece of the other’s cross. The silver line is zinc, a conductor of energy, affirming how friends empower each other.

Woods: Wenge and either Olive or Curly Maple

Regular size, $37.00

Blessing cross. click for larger version.

Bridge Cross

Some bridges reunite and serve as a symbol of reconciliation and return. Other bridges serve as a reminder of division and separation. The cross helps us understand and hold in balance both truths. The presence of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove helps us look to the function of reunion and reconciliation.

Cross: Purpleheart
Dove: Olive heartwood
Bridge columns: Olive sapwood


Bridge cross. Click for larger verison.

Carpenter’s Cross

This cross celebrates how it is that we participate in the building of the kingdom. The tools that form the cross – pry bar, hammer, and saw – symbolize the various stages of building. Depending on the availability of materials, the wood used for this cross comes from 6 continents.

Due to the highly intricate work on this cross, the cost is $50 per cross.

Woods include: Maple (North America), Wenge (Africa), Bloodwood (Australia), Tulipwood (South America), Japanese Lilac (Orient), Swiss Pear (Europe)


Carpenter's Cross. click to enlarge.

Celtic Fish Cross

The Celtic knot design is the symbol of oneness and the interconnectedness of all creation. This design also uses the ancient Christian symbol of the fish. Created by the chip carving technique, this cross accentuates the spirit of how friendships are woven together.

Woods: Holly (white) when available or 'apple' (always one of the nine sacred woods)


Celtic Fish Cross. click for larger version.

Centering Cross   (regular and large size)

Throughout the world, faith always brings its followers to a spiritual center. For Christians, it is Jesus Christ. Using woods (based on availability) that are important to a wide variety of faiths, small strips are inlaid in such a way that they converge at the center of the cross.

Wood of Cross: Apple
The inlay woods will be from four different faith traditions. These woods vary based on availability and your interests. I have used various Biblical woods (especially olive), woods from the 'nine sacred trees' from the Celtic tradition, Hisoo (Budhist), Shaman woods (Bubinga). I am always looking for new woods to add to this list.  

Regular size, $37.00

Large size, $50.00

Centering cross. click for larger version.

Chakana Cross

The cross (2”x2”) is a blending of the faith of the indigenous peoples of Peru and Christian theology. In a traditional Chakana Cross, the center has a hole that focuses the light of life. I place the ‘circle of hands’ at the center as an affirmation that God’s light is revealed in relationship with one another. There is a pair of hands on either side of the cross. The woods used are canary, myrtle and quaparobo.


Chalice Cross

The Chalice and the Host of the Sacrament of Holy Communion is central to the Christian Faith. The Chalice is the vessel that carries the essence of Life and the refreshing reality of Grace and Forgiveness. The Host or Bread is broken so that all may see the Truth that God in Christ offers healing and restoration. The Chalice and the Host is attached to the Cross so that all would know that Christ feeds us, the gathered community, in the Sacrament.

Woods: White Oak, Holly, European Beech (the chalice)


Circle of Hands. Click for larer version.

Circle of Hands Cross

The two hands of this cross are designed to form a circle -- a symbol of wholeness within a friendship between two people. The hands are set into a medallion giving the impression that the hands are encircled by a halo (or nimbus), the symbol for the presence of God. The cross is designed to be given in pairs, as a gift of friendship.

Wood of cross: Purpleheart
Medallion: Quaparobo
Hands: Cherry and maple

Regular size, $37.00

Large size, $50.00


Circle of Hands. Click for larer version.

Comma Cross

I designed this cross for a colleague who attended the General Synod of the United Church of Christ during the summer of 2007. The comma is made of black walnut. The nimbus is made of holly. The cross is made of myrtle. The UCC motto is to resist putting a period where God uses a comma.


Cross of Creation

Chip carving is a folk art from the Scandinavian countries. The sections of this mandala refers to the 7 days of creation, the 7 times that Joshua marched around Jericho, the 7 times Namaan cleansed himself, and the 7x70 formula for the number of times one is to forgive.

Wood for Cross: African Mahogany
Carved Medallion: Light colored veneer over Mahogany


7 point cross.

Cross of Healing

Each of the three woods of this cross is associated with some aspect of healing. The white wood of holly is associated with prayer. The purpleheart is connected with the healing that comes with social justice. The red Satine is used in shamanistic healing practices in Panama.  Together they celebrate the healing power of the Cross as experienced in God’s love.


Cross of The Healing Heart   (regular and large size)

The theological emphasis of this cross is on the healing power of being in relationship with one another and God. The myrtle used for the cross speaks to the restoration of hope. The satine (wood of the heart) is a witness to the healing spirit of being in relationship.

Woods: Satine, myrtle, cherry and maple

Regular size, $37.00

Large size, $50.00

Photo of a cross of the healing heart.

Cross of Hope  (regular and large size)

This cross is for those who offer hope to those without hope, for those who offer support to those who do not have anything firm to stand upon, for those who listen to God when others faith to hear. Using the Biblical woods of myrtle, Mediterranean cypress, and olive wood, this cross is for those who offer peace and hope; as did the returning dove.

Regular size, $37.00

Large size, $50.00

Hope cross. Click to enlarge.

Cross of Joy   (regular and large size)

The Cross of Joy is the celebration of how one can brighten the day of another just by being present. It celebrates how simple acts of kindness are deep expressions of love that can heal and restore. The woods used are cherry (cross), pau amarello (sun), satine (heart).

Regular size, $37.00

Large size, $50.00

Raven cross.

Cross of Light   (regular and large size)

In the creation story of the Tlingit people, Raven stole the light and brought it into this world as a gift that brought life. The Raven Cross reminds us that Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” (John 8:12)

Wood for Cross: Birch
Raven: Ebony
Light/Sun: Pau amerillo



Raven cross.

Cross of Love, Honor and Prayer

For generations, people have turned to prayer to experience that deep spiritual connection that God provides during times of separation. In recent times, the YELLOW RIBBON has become that symbol of honor associated with those whose service to country has carried them away from family. It is a symbol that that reminds a community of the need to remember those who serve and the loved ones left behind. (Upon request, a person’s name can be inscribed on the yellow ribbon at no extra charge).

Woods: Cherry and Pau Amerello



Cross of New Life

Just in time for Lent and Easter is this special cross that is especially helpful in helping children understand and experience the Promise of Easter. As prayer beads have helped people of faith focus their prayers, the "eyes" of the butterfly's wings help children focus on God's Promise of New Life as they count the ways in which they experience God's love.

Wood of the cross: is purpleheart wood (the color of Lent)
Wood of the butterfly's wings: Bird's Eye Maple
Wood of the butterfly's body: Pau amerillo

Regular size, $37.00

Large size, $50.00

Cross of The Path   (regular and large size)

Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6). Each of our experiences create a unique path of faith. They all converge at the center of the Cross – at the heart of the Christ – at that place where heaven and earth intersect. It is at that intersection where we greet fellow pilgrims as we are greeted by our Risen Lord who embraces us with the hug of grace (the nimbus).

Woods: Cherry, European Beech, Yellow Birch

Regular size, $37.00

Large size, $50.00

Photo of a cross of the path.

Cross of Peace

Through the usage of the three woods of this Cross, the vision of the Peaceable Kingdom is embraced and Christ as the Prince of Peace is affirmed. The yellow sun backdrop of the Pau amarello symbolizes the Light of the World. The olive wood dove brings the branch of hope and peace. The myrtle of  Isaiah’s prophesy is used for the cross.

Woods: Olive, Pau Amarello, Myrtle

Regular size, $37.00

Large size, $50.00

Cross of Shelter

This is a simple design inspired by a frequently used image in the Bible. God is our shelter in a time of need (Psalm 27:5). God is a shelter from the rain and shade from the heat (Isaiah 25:4). Under God’s roof, there are rooms within the house. There is the upper room where Jesus went for the Last Supper. There is Jesus’ admonition to go to one’s room to pray in private. There is Jesus’ vision of heaven as having many rooms.

Woods: African Mahogany, Myrtle and Beech


House cross. Click to enlarge.

Cross of the Soaring Spirit   (regular and large size)

This cross uses the image of a kite to express the relationship between soaring free while remaining grounded. This is a wonderful image for Pentecost highlighted by the use of the red Satine wood and the 5 little bow ties.

Woods: English Yew and Satine

Regular size, $37.00

Large size, $50.00

Photo of a soaring spirit cross.

Cross of The Word   (regular and large size)

The Open Bible proclaims that God’s Word comes to each of us as the Word of Love. It is God’s Word incarnate in the person of Jesus Christ – born to this world in a humble stable – resurrected in the glory of Easter morning. The red inlaid heart articulates this.

Woods: Myrtle, Wenge, European Beech, Satine

Regular size, $37.00

Large size, $50.00

Photo of a cross of the word.

Cross of Word and Sacrament (regular and large size)

This Cross combines the three elements of the Sacraments in the scallop shell, chalice and bread. These are set upon the background of Hope and Promise that is made of myrtle. In Isaiah 55, the prophet speaks of the faithfulness of God and the restoration of hope embodied in the myrtle tree.

Regular size, $37.00

Large size, $50.00

Blessing cross. click for larger version.

Disciple's Cross

The 12 point ‘chip carving’ medallion is at the center of the Disciple’s Cross. This cross can be used at Confirmation of when new members join a congregation by celebrating the diverse gifts and ministries of all 12 of the disciples. The two woods used are from the Celtic tradition. The white wood is holly- the tree of the winter and introspection. The darker wood is white oak- the tree of the summer, strength and productivity. By combining them, the message of the cross is a call to keep in balance the prayerful care for the soul and an active participate in the mission ministry of the Church.

Woods of the cross: Holly and White Oak

Regular size, $37.00

Large size, $50.00

Elements of Nature (Earth, Water, Wind, Fire) (regular and large size)

4 elements of nature carved into the 4 stems of the cross.

  • For earth, look to Psalm 104: 14-18 or the parable about building the house upon the rock (Matt 7:24).
  • For water, look to Jesus’ conversation with the Samaritan woman (John 4:14) or the cleansing of Namaan (2 Kings 5:14).
  • For wind, look to Jesus’ calming of the storm (Luke 8:24) and the creation story in Genesis 1:2.
  • For fire, look to God speaking from the burning bush (Exodus 3:2) and the flames of Pentecost (Acts 2).

Wood for Cross: Cherry

Regular size, $30.00

Large size, $50.00

Elements of Nature cross.

Hand & Heart Cross   (regular and large size)

An outstretched hand forms the horizontal bar of the cross. Resting on the hand is a heart. This cross asks the challenging question of faith: How do you hold the heart of another? Casually, or with love and care?

Vertical post of the cross: Dogwood (when available) or maple
Hand: Chaukte Vega
Heart: Satine

Regular size, $37.00

Large size, $50.00

Hand and Heart cross. Click for larger version.

Jerusalem Cross

This is a traditional design that goes one step further in the choice of woods. In the Parable of the mustard seed, Luke refers to the mulberry tree in making the point about the power of faith. To include this parable in this Jerusalem Cross, the four smaller crosses are made of mulberry with a mustard seed set into the center of the cross. The cross is two inches square.

Woods used: myrtle and mulberry


Kitchen Cross. Click to enlarge.

Kitchen Cross

This cross is designed to celebrate Christ’s words, “Feed my sheep,” and honors church suppers, Women’s Fellowship events, or a ministry to a Soup Kitchen. Kitchen utensils -- spoon, spatula, and fork -- make up the cross. This cross is easily personalized by using specific woods that have special meaning. It can further be personalized by sending me particular pieces of wood.

Woods: Poplar, Sapele, Chakte Vega


Kitchen Cross. Click to enlarge.

Labyrinth Cross

The Labyrinth Cross uses the style of an abbreviated Roman labyrinth in which the journey moves through the four quadrants of the cross before arriving at the center. The labyrinth is made of European Beech (associated with wisdom). The cross is made of White Oak (tree of summer) and Holly (tree of winter). 8 inch wall size only.

Large size, $60.00

Lily and Hammer Cross (regular and large size)

The message of this cross is simple: The place where the works of faith (symbolized by the hammer) intersect with the spirituality of prayer (symbolized by the lily) is where the Truth of the Cross and the Promise of the  Resurrection is alive. The woods used include myrtle (or Iroko), tulip wood, Swiss pear, holly and willow.


Large size, $50.00

Paw Print Cross

This cross celebrates the relationship a person has with a special pet. It is appropriate that this ‘paw print’ is connected with the cross. Christ talked about how special relationships are when based on unconditional love. It is the fulfillment of the Promise of the Resurrection.

Woods:  cross – curly maple
paw print – walnut



Pinwheel Cross

I designed this cross for a group of 13 who were on a special mission ministry. I used a child’s pinwheel as a tangible image how the Holy Spirit moves through a group empowering them to do ministry. The woods are holly and oak.


Polk-A-Dot Cross

A whimsical title for a very traditional cross that is well suited for teaching children about the many aspects of Jesus’ life. In a folk tale, blind mice try to describe what they believe to be in the middle of the room as seen through their paws. One felt a trunk of a tree but it wasn’t. Another felt a fan but it wasn’t. Others felt a snake, a rope, a spear. From their perspective each might have been right. If they were to look at the whole, they would have realized they were describing an elephant. Christians have done this to Jesus for generations. As we learn lessons from each ‘station’ of the cross (from each polk-a-dot), our perspective of Jesus expands and grows to see His true nature.

Wood of cross: Myrtle
Polk-a-dots: Hand-turned from scraps of other crosses including olive, wenge, satine, purpleheart and chakte vega


Red Ribbon Cross

The Red Ribbon Cross integrates the Red Ribbon into the Cross reminding us that in the wounds of Jesus, God too grieves the pandemic of AIDS/HIV.  It is only appropriate for these two powerful symbols be blended together for in the presence of death, each proclaims that the Word of Life and Love will prevail.

The prayer at the heart of the Red Ribbon Cross is one of healing and life – of respect and inclusion – and for courage and strength to persevere till that time when the pandemic is ended.

This cross can become a personalized memorial. A person’s name can be written on the top fold of the horizontal portion of the ribbon. (Please, no more than 12 characters).

Wood of the cross: Sapele from Africa
Wood of the Red Ribbon: Satine


$50.00 -- Large size available only

Ribbon of Hope Cross 

A PINK RIBBON is associated with the effort to find a cure for breast cancer. It is a ribbon of connectedness that ties us together in the spirit of hope. The word ‘Pink’ also calls to mind other words starting with the letter P including perseverance, precious life, perfect love. The wood of the ribbon is Pink Ivory from southern Africa. The wood of the cross is myrtle, given to me by a breast cancer survivor.

Woods: Pink Ivory and Myrtle



Spirit Cross

The cross itself is a classical style cross using two traditional symbols connected with the Holy Spirit: the descending dove and the nimbus. The open space was intentionally designed into the relationship between these two important symbols to emphasize how the dove and the nimbus are in relationship with each other in the mystery of faith.

Wood for Cross: cross – red oak
Nimbus – dogwood
Dove – myrtle



Stole Cross

The stole of ministry is placed upon the shoulders to remind one of the ministry to which one is called. As the stole is draped around and upon the cross, it serves as a reminder that one ministers in the name of Jesus Christ. This is an appropriate gift for ordination or confirmation.

Wood for the cross: Curly Maple or Iroko
Stole: Satine (Red)
Special order for purple stole (purpleheart) or white stole (holly)


Stole cross. Click for larger version.

Teacher’s Cross

The hummingbird is the Inca totem that represents the “messenger of God.” Teachers are God’s messengers. The carved hummingbird is set on a circle of Pau amarello from Peru.

Wood for cross: Cherry
Center Medallion: Pau amerello
Hummingbird: Lignum Vitae (translated as ‘wood of life’)


Teacher's cross. Click for larger version.

Treble Clef Cross   (regular and large size)

This cross affirms the Psalmist’s proclamation to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” This is the essence of the Christian call to bring the “Good News!”

Wood for Cross: Maple
Treble Clef: Purple Heart

Regular size, $37.00

Large size, $50.00

Treble Clef cross. Click for larger version.

Trinitarian Cross

The peace blessing affirms the blessing of God the Father and Creator of peace, Jesus Christ the Son who died and was resurrected, and the Holy Spirit, affirmed in the form of the dove stylistically connected with the Creator.

Wood of Cross: Myrtle
Blessing Hand: Carpathian Elm
Descending dove: Curly Maple


Trinitarian Cross. Click for larger version.

Triquetra Cross (regular and large size)

This cross uses the triquetra celtic infinity knot to celebrate the experience of the Trinity. This is a very concrete simple image that could be helpful in explaining the theology of the Trinity to a child.  The woods used in this cross are holly, quaparobo, and pau amerello.

Regular size, $37.00

Large size, $50.00

Triquetra cross. Click for larger version.

Free Standing Wedding Cross  

This cross is approximately 7” by 3”. The cross pictured is made of red oak. The interlocked rings are of apple. The base is myrtle.

Options: I can provide any number of types of wood for the cross including Purple Heart, Oak (from a beam of an old New England Church), Wenge and Maple.

To personalize: I have used tree branches from the homes where the bride and groom grew up, or a leftover piece of lumber from the mantle of the couple’s new home. If you want to use your own personalized wood, I need enough good wood (straight and free of blemishes, knots, or cracks) to mill a piece that is one inch square and 9 inches in length.

The two rings can also be a personalized piece of wood (5”x2”x3/4”). To carve these rings is a delicate process. I cannot guarantee that the wood you provide will work. I prefer to carve the rings out of fruitwood (cherry, plum or apple) because the grain is tight and the fibers are interlocking.

Free Standing Wedding Cross, $37.00

Sample of a wedding cross.

Wall Mounted Wedding Cross

This overall size of the cross is approximately 6” by 3” by 1”. The cross pictured is made of oak with apple wood rings. The backing of the cross is a second cross made of myrtle (or wenge for greater contrast). The backing is a slightly larger cross, designed to silhouette the main cross.

Wall Mounted Wedding Cross, $50.00

Welcoming Cross  (regular and large size)

This cross can have many different interpretations. It can be a crucifix with the two woods symbolizing the two natures of Christ. The two woods can symbolize the relationship between the person wearing the cross and Christ. The two woods can also affirm the special or spiritual relationship between two friends. At the heart of the cross is the reality of God’s love.

Wood of cross: Oak, Maple
Person: Chauke Vega and Wenge
Heart: Maple

Regular size, $37.00


Welcoming cross. Click for larger verison.